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Next Generation Workplace Safety Education

SafeGen (formerly Job Safety Skills Society) provides
free workplace safety education to youth across Alberta.

We envision a workforce with advanced safety awareness, knowledge,
and accountability.

Welcome to the Job
Safety Skills Society!

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With the help of education, industry and government
alike, our community focuses on providing youth
with free, accredited safety education via our
JobSafe Program. Help us empower today’s youth
for tomorrow’s workplace—because safe kids save lives!

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Video Contest

Do you have advice for someone starting their first job? Enter our 2021/22 Youth Workplace Safety Video Contest for a chance to win $1500!

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Interested in registering for the JobSafe™ Program? Click here for information on individual Alberta high school safety courses.



Help us create and deliver high quality workplace safety education to youth in Alberta. Join the SafeGen community and make a difference.


360 Video Experience

Learn about workplace safety the fun way – through 360 video. Navigate your way through our scenarios safely!

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Safety Presentation

Book your class in for our virtual workplace safety presentation. The perfect discussion starter for high school students.



SafeGen offers hundreds of free safety resources for teachers, students, employers, parents and the community. Have a look!


The JobSafe™ Program

Through our JobSafe™ Program, we provide high school students with workplace safety courses that have helped significantly reduce work-related fatalities, injuries and illness that result from workplace hazards. The program is available, at no cost, to all publicly-funded junior and senior high schools, and we encourage schools to use it as an effective Career and Technologies Studies (CTS) resource for both teachers and students.

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Youth Mental Health in the Workplace

Recognizing the need for higher education regarding youth mental health, SafeGen is raising funds to create a new enhancement course for our JobSafe Program, called Youth Mental Health in the Workplace. The course will cover topics such as: cyberbullying, gender inclusivity, being fit for work, and domestic violence.

The majority of workplace safety education focuses on physical safety, but we feel that metal wellbeing is just as important, and want to help empower youth to be able to check in with themselves to make sure that they are mentally healthy, and that they know what to do to stay healthy, or if they are struggling.

Will you help us stand up for safety and mental health? Donate to our GoFundMe campaign today.

Mental Health Campaign

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Help us empower today’s youth for tomorrow’s workplace.

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