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The JobSafe™ Program

Through our JobSafe™ Program, we provide high school students with workplace safety courses that have helped significantly reduce work-related fatalities, injuries and illness that result from workplace hazards. The program is available, at no cost, to all publicly-funded junior and senior high schools, and we encourage schools to use it as an effective Career and Technologies Studies (CTS) resource for both teachers and students.

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Your Workplace Safety is Beneficial to Everyone

Student Benefits

SafeGen’s courses equip students with a comprehensive understanding of workplace health and safety. Course content includes safety techniques, protocols and standard practices that apply to most workplaces. Students establish a mindset for what constitutes a safe and healthy workplace by learning to identify and mitigate hazards. After completing the our workplace safety courses, graduates have a better understanding of employers’ health and safety expectations, and have a competitive advantage entering the workforce.

Employer Benefits

Employers can be assured that new-hires who have completed our workplace safety courses come to work with increased knowledge and a better understanding of the importance of workplace health and safety principles and practices. Young workers who are JobSafe™ certified are likely to better retain on-the-job safety training, empowering them to develop and consistently apply safe work habits. Employers may see a reduction in the number of costly workplaces accidents and injuries involving young workers.

Community Benefits

Cost-free safety education and access to informational resources on health and safety contributes to a significant increase in safety-conscious workers, which in turn improves the quality of work and life for people as well as the community as a whole. Educational resources such as the JobSafe™ Program contribute to a marked reduction in the number and severity of workplace accidents, injuries and fatalities. Workplace health and safety is essential to workers, employers and communities.

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