Canadian Agriculture Safety Week

Support Seniors for Canadian Agriculture Safety Week!


March 11-17, 2018 is Canadian Agriculture Safety Week. The Job Safety Skills Society is happy to promote such an important safety awareness event! The focus of the past three years has been on supporting farm family safety. The “Be an AgSafe Family” campaign began in 2016 with a focus on keeping children and youth safe and well on the farm. In 2017, the campaign’s focus was on adult farm safety. This year’s focus is on senior farm safety. The mission of “Be An AgSafe Family” is to empower agriculture producer families by providing them the information and resources required to help keep kids, adults and seniors safe on the farm – while preserving the cherished way of farm life. What better time to do it than during Canadian Agriculture Safety Week!

Canadian Agriculture Safety Week is a joint effort of the Canadian Agriculture Safety Association (CASA) and the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA), with assistance from the Government of Canada’s Growing Forward 2 campaign.

The agriculture industry is a key component of Alberta’s economy, so it goes without saying that the people who live and breathe the farming and agriculture lifestyle are to thank for dedicating their time and efforts to making the industry thrive. Family and work ethic are two of the key values of farm and agriculture life. So by protecting producer families we’re allowing them to continue doing what they love – which happens to be something that benefits our economy and communities across the province!

Farmers tend to work on their farms well into their senior years, so it’s important to recognize that physical ailments inevitably arise as part of the aging process, and mental and emotional wellbeing is directly impacted by physical health. The good news is that, in general, the average lifespan is increasing. With the help of modern science and technology we can continue to make progress towards keeping people alive and well for longer. But we must do our due diligence in providing the support and resources required to do so. The Canadian Agriculture Safety Association provides these practical tips on how to support seniors on the farm.

This year during Canadian Agriculture Safety Week, be sure to show your support and appreciation for senior farmers!