The Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Labour is seeking input on impending changes to the province’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act. The changes come about from the recently-passed Bill:30 An Act to Protect the Health and Wellbeing of Working Albertans. This new act amended and updated Alberta’s OHS Act to ensure that workers benefit from respectful, fair, safe and healthy workplaces that are free of harassment and violence. The new Alberta OHS Act outlines the following workplace requirements:

  • Workers are to be protected from harassment and violence by way of employers and supervisors taking reasonable but necessary measures and by investigating incidents.
  • Workers are prohibited from participating in harassment and violence in the workplace.
  • Worksites with 5 to 19 workers are required to have a worker health and safety representative.
  • Worksites with 20 or more workers are to have a joint worksite health and safety committee.

Alberta’s OHS Act functions under the principle that everyone in the workplace is responsible for health and safety in the workplace, and everyone in the workplace is entitled to the following:

  1. The right to know of workplace health and safety hazards, and the right to be informed about potential hazards by employers. (“The Right to Know”)
  2. The right to refuse unsafe work and to be protected from reprisal for exercising their rights and responsibilities under the legislation. (“The Right to Refuse”)
  3. The right to be involved in worksite health and safety committees and forums. (“The Right to Participate”)

Specific rules regarding the following need to be developed and integrated into the new regulations before they take effect on June 1, 2018:

  • harassment and violence in the workplace
  • establishment, training requirements and operations of joint health and safety committees

Alberta’s Ministry of Labour is currently seeking feedback from the public. Put your ideas forward via the following steps to help develop the new rules:

  1. Read this discussion guide for background information and to focus your thoughts and ideas about the new OHS rules and regulations.
  2. Answer the questions in the discussion guide to prepare your response.
  3. Save the document and email your submission to Documents can also be submitted in hardcopy to the following mailing address:

OHS Policy and Legislation
8th Floor, Labour Building
10808 99 Avenue
Edmonton, AB . T5K 0G5

The deadline to submit feedback is Monday, April 9, 2018.