For 25 years, the Job Safety Skills Society has been helping educate and empower Alberta youth ages 15-24 years with our free, accredited JobSafe Program. We wanted to do something special for our anniversary this year, and decided that a new brand would be a great way to celebrate.

We are now SafeGen: Next generation workplace safety education.

We still have the same vision of eliminating workplace injuries, and mission of empowering youth through education to take responsibility for their health, safety and well-being and that of their friends, families, colleagues and communities.

But we realize that it’s a new millennium and it’s time for a change. We want our message to resonate with educators and students in 2020 and beyond! We thought about who we are trying to help and realized that it is and always has been, upcoming generations of workers. We are helping to create a foundation of safe work practices for Alberta youth so we can see those injury and fatality numbers decrease, and hopefully one day disappear.

We have gone from this:


to this:



The new colours represent our fresh outlook on our mission, and signify the contemporary mindset of the whole team at SafeGen.

Over the past year we have been fostering new partnerships, sponsorships and community outreach activities, and are envisioning a great decade of workplace safety education.

Welcome to the next generation of workplace safety!