Let’s be honest… when they announced school was moving to online learning this year, you might have been a little happy… “This is going to be awesome!”

But after more than eight weeks of this, with no end in sight, it may be getting a little stressful for you. Learning high school courses on your own is a huge responsibility, one that your parents may not be able to help you with. “They just don’t get it.”

So, what might you be stressed about?

  • “These deadlines are killing me!”
  • “I can’t do online exams.”
  • “I need more support from my teacher.”
  • “My parents just don’t get grade 11 math.”
  • “I wish I could see my friends every day…”
  • “I want things to go back to normal.”

When these things are going through your head, what can you do to make yourself feel better?

First, know that you are NOT alone. There are many teens and adults who are working from home that are feeling the pressure too – it’s not just you!

Secondly, this situation is so extraordinary that even if you’re not producing your best work ever, that’s okay. If your mind is wandering and you can’t seem to get work done take a break and do something enjoyable.

And lastly, your friends may not be there in person, but they will always be there to talk. And you can always reach out to your parents, teachers or even a helpline like Kids Help Phone (1-800-668-6868).

And by the way, if you’re not feeling stressed, and you’re loving this situation… that’s alright too! Everyone handles things differently, and if you’re not feeling any pressure, take some time to reach out and check in on your friends and siblings.

We are all in a difficult situation, trying to make the best of things. And that’s really all we can do right now. So, hang in there and give yourself a break. Take a day off. Sleep in occasionally. Eat an awesome lunch. Make time to take a walk with a friend. Crush a workout. You are going to get through this, and things will settle down. Until that happens, if you feel stressed out, remember we’re all here with you.

Self-care is super important – need some tips on how to de-stress? Read our blog on strategies for positive mental health. Need more than a blog? Visit youthspace.ca for resources or text them at 778-783-0177.