Asking yourself these important questions and answering honestly is very important as a worker. It is one of your responsibilities to determine if you are fit for work on a daily basis. Check in to keep yourself and others safe.

Q: Am I well rested? Did I go to bed late last night? Am I exhausted?
A: If you are having trouble sleeping or are up late because of school, work, or other reasons, you may have trouble concentrating on work tasks.

Q: Should I tell someone I injured myself on the weekend snowboarding, skateboarding, playing sports or doing other activities?
A: If you have injured yourself you should tell your employer and take time off because you risk further injury to yourself and potentially to others if you cannot perform your tasks safely.

Q: Am I under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs? These may include prescriptions or medications that may have negative side effects.  (i.e. allergy or cold and flu medication which may make you sleepy).
A: Alcohol, drugs and prescription medication can slow your reflexes and decision-making skills. You should not be at work if you are under the influence or experience side-effects.

Q: Am I sick, or do I feel like I’m coming down with an illness, or just not feeling 100% mentally or physically?
A: If you aren’t feeling well due to a virus or infection, it is best to remain at home until you are well again.

Q: Should I ask for help if I’m not feeling up to the task?
A: You should always ask for help when needed.

Q: Am I stressed out?
A: Whether it’s due to personal issues, work or other circumstances, stress can manifest mentally and physically and affect your concentration and coordination.

Download our Fit for Work FAQ checklist below.

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