In our first electrical safety blog, we focused on staying safe outside, and in this one we will fill in some gaps with information that will help you stay safe at work.

Most jobs involve working with or around electricity. From mowing lawns to changing lightbulbs, to cleaning out a barn, you will likely run across a daily or weekly task that requires you to use or be around electrical currents.

Here are five tips to keep you and your coworkers safe:

  1. Inspect machinery, tools, cords, outlets and power bars for damage before you use them. If there is damage, do not use it and report it to your supervisor. These items should either be properly fixed or disposed of.
  2. Don’t overload power bars, as this can cause shorts in the electrical system, leading to loss of time and work, and could cause a fire.
  3. Always turn the power off before inspecting damaged equipment or electrical wiring. Touching live wires can be fatal.
  4. When working outside, always be aware of your surroundings. If you are performing a task that involves digging, make sure you click before you dig. Keep an eye out for overhead lines as well, and be extremely cautious about what you’re carrying or lifting overhead.
  5. Lock Out/Tag Out is a procedure that ensures all energy is stopped from moving through an area or piece of equipment that a person is working on. The procedure involves using a lock to secure circuit breakers, equipment, etc., are secured in the “off” position. The lock has a tag on it with detailed information on it, and the person who attached the lock should be the only person with the authority and key to unlock it.

It only takes one second for electricity to make a huge impact in your life. Educate yourself and stay safe on the job!