SafeGen has added a new course to complement our already popular JobSafe Program: Mental Health in the Workplace. The course will be offered online, throughout Alberta, at no cost.

The purpose of SafeGen’s new course is for youth aged 15-24 to develop strategies for recognizing psychological risks and hazards, and to teach them to be advocates for positive mental health in the workplace, and at home.

The course features the following modules:

  1. What is Mental Health?
  2. Stress
  3. Harassment and Bullying
  4. Anxiety in the Workplace
  5. Family Violence
  6. Strategies and Support

The course will be available to Alberta youth starting September 1, 2022, and is available online only at this time. Educators and parents can sign youth up by contacting

The course was developed in partnership with the RBC Foundation, and supported by the Edmonton Community Foundation.

Physical and psychological safety education for youth go hand in hand and one cannot thrive without the other. Youth workers in Alberta are the most vulnerable work sector due to:

  • lack of experience,
  • lack of safety education and training,
  • willingness to please,
  • lack of knowledge about their rights and responsibilities,
  • and the tendency to feel invincible due to their age.

SafeGen has been advocating for and educating about youth safety for over 27 years, and offers free accredited workplace health and safety courses through their JobSafe Program. We also offer hundreds of free health and safety resources for educators, students, employers, and parents, on our website.