Starting a new job (especially your first job) is exciting, and there is a lot of information for you to absorb. A new job also brings new workplace hazards that you may not be aware of. Young workers (ages 15-24) are among the most likely to get hurt on the job, and one of the main reasons is lack of education and training. When you are a new employee, it’s important to ask questions, and gather as much information as possible so you can stay informed and safe every day. Here are 10 questions to ask your boss or supervisor before or on your first day.

  1. What are the hazards of my job?
  2. What are the company’s health and safety rules?
  3. When will I receive training in job safety and the workplace hazardous materials information system (WHMIS)?
  4. Do I need to wear safety gear and when will I be shown how to use it?
  5. What are my safety and health responsibilities?
  6. Is there a safety and health committee or a worker representative? Where is the safety and health bulletin board or information located?
  7. Who do I ask if I have a health or safety question?
  8. When will I be trained in emergency procedures?
  9. Where is emergency equipment located?
  10. What do I do if I get hurt? Who is the first aid person? Is this workplace covered by Workers Compensation?

Remember, you have the right to ask and receive answers to all of these questions. Some of them may not apply to your position – that will depend on the type of job and industry you’re working in.

Download our handy checklist (below) for yourself, friends, students, or anyone else who is a new or young worker. 

New Worker checklist