From L-R: SafeGen Treasurer James Wilson, SafeGen Board of Directors Chair Bruce Wilkinson, and Jobs, Economy and Northern Development Minister Brian Jean.

Educating youth about workplace health and safety is a critical endeavour in our province. Every year, thousands of youth aged 15-24, are injured on the job site – most of the injuries preventable. We at SafeGen believe that through education and advocacy, we can see this number decrease and work towards a safer, healthier future generation of workers.

We are thrilled to announce that Alberta Jobs, Economy and Northern Development has chosen to take a stand for youth workplace safety as well, awarding our small charity with $150,000 to continue the development and delivery of our programming.

“Supporting students as they explore careers means giving them the tools to make responsible decisions on the job. This is a key part of the Renewed Alberta Advantage, because it keeps young Albertans safe, creates vibrant workforces that attract job creators and helps our economy grow even stronger.”

Brian Jean, Minister of Jobs, Economy and Northern Development
Focusing on building good habits, and necessary safety education is imperative to help our next generation not only survive, but thrive. in our last two and a half decades of operation, we have been able to educate over 130,000 students, and with this support, the number just keeps growing.