Our 2023 Youth Workplace Safety Video Contest was a huge success! We loved all of the videos and how each one had something unique to share. We would like to say thank you to the students who sacrificed their time and effort to make this contest a success! And a huge shout out to the teachers and parents who supported these teens in their endeavours to make a great films about workplace safety.

We are also very grateful to Careers in Energy for their title sponsorship, as well as our fantastic partners: CMHA, Alberta Division, Lindisfarne, and CAREERS. We could not have done this contest without your help!

The videos were submitted, the results were tallied, and the winners are…

1st Place: Dominic Lindia, Calgary

Dominic’s video outlines how mental health an be affected by workplace injuries – something we don’t always think about. The quality of his filmaking is superb and we wish him the best ofluck on his path to being a filmmaker.

Watch Dominic’s video here.

2nd Place: Cohen Silver and Roan Moore, Calgary

Cohen and Roan delivered an excellent video about the typical hazards we all face at work. We wish these two young people well as they finish high school!

Watch Cohen and Roan’s video here.

3rd Place: Elisha Gelineau and Judah Marceau

Elisha and Judah created a stellar video about mental health in the workplace, and how simple things can make all the difference for a positive state of mind.

Watch Elisha and Judah’s video here.

Congratulations to all of our winners, and to all of the students that submitted videos! You have helped your peers and yourselves become safer. Thank you for standing up for safety!