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Next Generation Workplace Safety Education

Established in 1991, SafeGen is a not-for-profit organization working to give youth a safe start to their careers. Partnering with educators, industry, and government, we have built a community focused on safety and wellness. We offer comprehensive resources to enhance safety awareness and preparedness for students, including three online work placement preparation courses (HCS 3000, HCS 3010, and AGR 3000) as well as a comprehensive Mental Health in the Workplace course to enhance students’ skills and wellbeing.

SafeGen provides young workers with educational services that help reduce work-related fatalities, injuries, and illness. Our job safety courses for teens are available, at no cost, to all junior and senior high schools throughout Alberta, and we encourage schools to use them as effective Career and Technologies Studies (CTS) resources for both teachers and students. SafeGen provides resources to over 200 schools throughout Alberta.

In 2023 SafeGen joined the CAREERS family, driven by a shared commitment to empowering youth in their journey toward safe and fulfilling careers. Together, CAREERS and SafeGen provide work-integrated learning opportunities as well as the necessary accreditation to promote safety, thereby streamlining processes for educators and youth as they engage in career exploration. Click here to learn more about CAREERS internship opportunities.

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