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7 Tips to Prepare Your Teen for their First Job


Your teen may take workplace safety courses in school, and they will definitely get advice from their working friends. But as a parent, what can you do to prepare your son or daughter for their first job? Learn what their rights are as young workers, and make sure they know them as well. You can [...]

7 Tips to Prepare Your Teen for their First Job2019-09-24T13:50:22-06:00

Fall 2019 JobSafe Newsletter


In this edition of JobSafe News: Oldest courses being decommissioned, info on staying stress free this school year, and the announcement of our 1st annual Youth Workplace Safety Video Contest! Read our full newsletter here.

Fall 2019 JobSafe Newsletter2019-09-17T09:16:14-06:00

Youth Employment Facts


Take a look at these stats from 2017... Youth workers are the most vulnerable sector and continue to be injured on the job at an alarming rate. Entering the workforce with confidence and the tools to keep yourself and others safe can help prevent injuries and lost time.

Youth Employment Facts2019-09-16T08:51:58-06:00

August 29, 2019: LMS System Down for Maintenance


⚠️ Attention teachers and students: The company that hosts our learning management system is doing system maintenance today. Please try logging in later today or tomorrow morning. Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the inconvenience! Please email us at info@jsss.ca with any questions/concerns.

August 29, 2019: LMS System Down for Maintenance2019-08-29T11:58:16-06:00

Back to High School: Get to School Safely


We all wish there was more summer fun to be had, but the start of the school year is a great time to set goals... Why not make one of them: get to school safely? “Back to school” not only signifies binders, calculators and collective groans from teens everywhere, but it also marks the start [...]

Back to High School: Get to School Safely2019-08-22T11:09:47-06:00

Electrical Safety: Don’t get zapped outside!


If you’re working or playing outdoors, it’s important to know basic electrical safety rules. Even one small misstep can lead to a potentially fatal outcome. Electrical fatalities and injuries can occur on the jobsite, while you’re camping or hanging out with friends, or even in your own back yard. Here are some tips that will [...]

Electrical Safety: Don’t get zapped outside!2019-07-25T10:29:27-06:00

Ladder Safety Infographic


Falling off of a ladder can not only put a huge cramp in your day, it can result in an injury that affects the rest of your life (or worse). Our HCS 3010 course has a whole unit dedicated to ladder safety, which will give you all of the tips and tricks you need to [...]

Ladder Safety Infographic2019-05-28T12:08:21-06:00

8 Strategies for Positive Mental Health


Positive mental health is something that everyone should strive for. Our state of mind affects everything we do, from school, to work, and even hanging out with our friends and family. Whether you have a mental illness or not, there are things you can do every day to feel better about yourself. Taking some time [...]

8 Strategies for Positive Mental Health2019-05-06T13:21:30-06:00

Spring 2019 JobSafe Newsletter


LMS Updates, Survey Results and Easter Greetings! Don't miss out on this edition of the JobSafe Newsletter. It's chock full of important updates, survey results, and more. Read the full newsletter here. Click here to visit our newsletter archive.

Spring 2019 JobSafe Newsletter2019-04-18T08:50:08-06:00

Youth Employment FAQs


Q: Can I get a job if I am 12? A: You can get a job if you are 12 or under in an artistic endeavour, if your parents complete a Youth Permit. Artistic endeavours include: film, radio, video or television (including commercials) voice recordings for video and computer gaming theatre plays musical performances Q: [...]

Youth Employment FAQs2019-04-12T08:50:11-06:00

Why it’s dangerous to be overtired at work


We all know the feeling: you got caught up in your favourite show… you texted until 2 am with your BFF. Life happens, and sleep gets lost in the shuffle. Unfortunately, when sleep gets missed, the job site can become a danger zone. What happens to our bodies when we don’t get the rest we [...]

Why it’s dangerous to be overtired at work2019-03-14T09:18:13-06:00

Preventing Repetitive Strain Injuries


The last day of February marks International Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Awareness Day. These injuries are the largest cause of lost time for employers and employees across Canada, and can cause a huge amount of pain, not to mention disruptions in your everyday life. The good news is, they are easily avoidable if the proper [...]

Preventing Repetitive Strain Injuries2021-02-17T11:25:03-07:00

JobSafe Newsletter – 2018 in Review


2018 was an exciting year for the JobSafe crew. We updated our courses and implemented a user-friendly learning management system. We are looking forward to big things ahead in 2019! Click here to catch up with JSSS. View previous editions of our monthly JobSafe Newsletter.

JobSafe Newsletter – 2018 in Review2019-02-21T16:20:53-07:00

Bullying in the Workplace


Bullying in any situation is uncalled for and certainly not the fault of the victim. Unfortunately, in Canada one in six employees report being bullied at some point during their career. Workplace bullying encompasses everything from physical altercations to sexual harassment to verbal attacks. Everyone has the right to a safe work environment but unfortunately [...]

Bullying in the Workplace2019-01-28T21:16:12-07:00

Flu Prevention at Work


It’s the dreaded cold and flu season and many of us will contract this annoying and nasty virus at work. While we’d all like to be able to stay home and stop the spread of influenza, the fact is that the virus may have taken hold of you before you even notice the following common [...]

Flu Prevention at Work2019-01-14T18:09:57-07:00

May 2018 JobSafe Newsletter


Our May 2018 JobSafe Newsletter is now available. Peek inside to see what's coming up with the Job Safety Skills Society in the spring and summer months! Click here to view previous editions of our monthly JobSafe Newsletter.

May 2018 JobSafe Newsletter2018-05-24T19:30:29-06:00

April 2018 JobSafe Newsletter


Our April 2018 JobSafe Newsletter is now available. Peek inside to see what's in store with the Job Safety Skills Society this spring!

April 2018 JobSafe Newsletter2018-04-23T21:12:47-06:00

Call for Input: Changes to Alberta’s OHS Act


The Government of Alberta's Ministry of Labour is seeking input on impending changes to the province's Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act. The changes come about from the recently-passed Bill:30 An Act to Protect the Health and Wellbeing of Working Albertans. This new act amended and updated Alberta's OHS Act to ensure that workers benefit [...]

Call for Input: Changes to Alberta’s OHS Act2018-03-26T20:42:21-06:00

March 2018 JobSafe Newsletter


Our March 2018 JobSafe Newsletter is now available. This month, we celebrate Canadian Agriculture Safety Week, announce our call for volunteers for the 2018 JSSS casino, and more!

March 2018 JobSafe Newsletter2018-03-19T15:33:38-06:00

It’s Canadian Agriculture Safety Week!


Support Seniors for Canadian Agriculture Safety Week!   March 11-17, 2018 is Canadian Agriculture Safety Week. The Job Safety Skills Society is happy to promote such an important safety awareness event! The focus of the past three years has been on supporting farm family safety. The "Be an AgSafe Family" campaign began in 2016 with [...]

It’s Canadian Agriculture Safety Week!2018-03-13T21:47:16-06:00

2018 February JobSafe Newsletter


The 2018 February JobSafe Newsletter is now available. View it here to learn what's new with us this month!

2018 February JobSafe Newsletter2018-03-05T20:19:09-07:00

2018 January JobSafe Newsletter


The 2018 January JobSafe Newsletter is now available. View it here to learn what's in store for the New Year!

2018 January JobSafe Newsletter2018-02-27T17:08:43-07:00

Changes to Alberta’s Youth Employment Laws


Click here for current Alberta Youth Employment Laws FAQs. May, 2018 - With the ringing in of the New Year, many long-anticipated changes to Alberta’s Employment Standards Code have taken effect. The Job Safety Skills Society would like to take this opportunity to outline the soon-to-be-imposed (as of May 1, 2018) changes to youth employment [...]

Changes to Alberta’s Youth Employment Laws2019-08-30T09:54:49-06:00

2017 December JobSafe Newsletter


The 2017 December JobSafe Newsletter is now available. View it here for some holiday cheer and updates on our new Learning Management System (LMS)!

2017 December JobSafe Newsletter2018-02-27T17:21:10-07:00

Vote Now for Youth Innovation for Safety!


Vote for Youth Innovation for Safety! Voting polls for the 2017 Aviva Community Fund are now open. Register today at www.avivacommunityfund.org and cast up to 18 votes for the Job Safety Skills Society's Youth Innovation for Safety project. The polls close on Thursday, October 19, so be sure to get your votes in ASAP!   [...]

Vote Now for Youth Innovation for Safety!2017-10-16T14:28:16-06:00

Welcome to Our New Website!


Now that you've found your way to www.jobsafetyskills.com, you've probably noticed we've made some changes. With help from Edmonton-based web wizards Pderas Consulting Group, the JSSS has spent the past few months working away at revamping our website to reflect our progressive efforts towards better engaging our stakeholders and building our JobSafe community. Design and [...]

Welcome to Our New Website!2017-10-04T18:27:59-06:00

Introducing the Job Safety Skills Society Team


2017 has been a year of big changes and new initiatives for the Job Safety Skills Society. One of the first orders of business was to add a few much-needed new additions to JSSS’ team. Now that our new team has been assembled, we would like to cordially introduce each member. [...]

Introducing the Job Safety Skills Society Team2017-08-15T19:50:52-06:00

JSSS Office Closure Notice


Please be advised that the JSSS’ offices at 101 Airport Road NW, Edmonton, AB will be closed from Friday, July 21 to Monday, August 21. Regular summer business hours will resume on Monday, August 21 at 8:30 a.m. Inquiries can be directed to info@jsss.ca. JSSS staff appreciates your consideration and continued support, and we wish you [...]

JSSS Office Closure Notice2017-08-15T19:51:05-06:00

Now follow us on Social Media!


You can now follow the Job Safety Skills Society on both Facebook and Twitter @JobSafetySkills!

Now follow us on Social Media!2017-08-15T19:51:15-06:00
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