Joining forces to stand up for safety!


Since 1995 SafeGen, (formerly known as The Job Safety Skills Society of Alberta), has proudly provided workplace safety education to students, teachers, schools and many school districts throughout the province of Alberta. We have provided free resources and educational content and issued certificates of completion to over 140,000 students! We are incredibly proud of the [...]

Joining forces to stand up for safety!2023-06-20T19:31:16-06:00

2023 Youth Workplace Safety Video Contest Winners


Our 2023 Youth Workplace Safety Video Contest was a huge success! We loved all of the videos and how each one had something unique to share. We would like to say thank you to the students who sacrificed their time and effort to make this contest a success! And a huge shout out to the [...]

2023 Youth Workplace Safety Video Contest Winners2023-06-15T19:21:09-06:00

Hierarchy of Hazard Controls 


Educating yourself about safety and health on the worksite is the first step to keeping yourself and others safe. This critical education will help you empower yourself and learn to identify hazards. Then, using the hierarchy of controls, we need to figure out how to best assess the hazards around us. Let’s go through the [...]

Hierarchy of Hazard Controls 2023-04-20T10:59:13-06:00

April 2023 Newsletter


Lock in a paid internship with CAREERS today: get more info on how to step into the career you've been thinking about. Also, Careers in Energy tells us all about what it's like to work in one of the most lucrative industries in Alberta. Read the full newsletter here.  

April 2023 Newsletter2023-04-17T09:19:41-06:00

Careers in Energy: Helping youth make informed decisions about their career paths


and Careers in Energy is a trusted SafeGen partner, and we want to share what they're all about!  As a high school student, are you interested in finding a career that will help make a difference in the world? Do you want to be part of the solution to our planet’s energy challenges? Look no [...]

Careers in Energy: Helping youth make informed decisions about their career paths2023-04-11T13:42:47-06:00

Let’s talk about… Fire Safety on the Farm


Fire safety education is critical when you are working in an agricultural setting. Farms are unique environments, which means they have their own unique hazards. Fire is a definite enemy on the farm – one that could change many people’s lives in an instant. It is very important to know what the fire hazards on [...]

Let’s talk about… Fire Safety on the Farm2023-03-17T11:02:21-06:00

February 2023 Newsletter


Celebrate Agriculture Safety Week and Day in March, and a big thank you to our supporters. Read the full newsletter.  

February 2023 Newsletter2023-03-09T10:09:34-07:00

Thank you to our 2022 Supporters!


Thank You for the Support We are extremely fortunate to have the best supporters and partners! We are truly grateful for your support and hope to continue working with al of you in the future. Thank you for standing up for youth in our province. Supporters         Partners Agriculture for Life Alberta [...]

Thank you to our 2022 Supporters!2023-02-21T11:48:05-07:00

Alberta Jobs and Economy Advocates for Youth Safety


From L-R: SafeGen Treasurer James Wilson, SafeGen Board of Directors Chair Bruce Wilkinson, and Jobs, Economy and Northern Development Minister Brian Jean. Educating youth about workplace health and safety is a critical endeavour in our province. Every year, thousands of youth aged 15-24, are injured on the job site - most of the [...]

Alberta Jobs and Economy Advocates for Youth Safety2023-02-14T10:03:25-07:00

New Worker Checklist: Questions to ask your boss


Starting a new job (especially your first job) is exciting, and there is a lot of information for you to absorb. A new job also brings new workplace hazards that you may not be aware of. Young workers (ages 15-24) are among the most likely to get hurt on the job, and one of the [...]

New Worker Checklist: Questions to ask your boss2023-01-12T09:04:00-07:00

December 2022 Newsletter


Stay informed about SafeGen, and remember to stay warm working outside! Read the full newsletter here.    

December 2022 Newsletter2023-01-10T10:33:50-07:00

November 2022 Newsletter


Make every month healthy workplace month, and take a look at some of the most common hazards at a fast food restaurant. Read the full newsletter here.  

November 2022 Newsletter2022-11-09T09:26:59-07:00

Typical Hazards in Fast Food Restaurants


Fast food restaurants are a pretty usual first job. They offer short shift times, a fast-paced environment, and the chance to dive into a customer service position. But did you know that food service jobs are also high on the list for injuries and lost-time claims for young workers? Educating yourself about typical workplace hazards [...]

Typical Hazards in Fast Food Restaurants2022-10-27T10:01:19-06:00

August 2022 Newsletter


School is back in session - and we have a brand new course! Find out all about our new mental health course and what's on tap for SafeGen. Read the full newsletter here.  

August 2022 Newsletter2022-08-31T10:09:56-06:00

SafeGen Releases New Online Youth Mental Health Course for the Workplace for Alberta Youth


SafeGen has added a new course to complement our already popular JobSafe Program: Mental Health in the Workplace. The course will be offered online, throughout Alberta, at no cost. The purpose of SafeGen’s new course is for youth aged 15-24 to develop strategies for recognizing psychological risks and hazards, and to teach them to be [...]

SafeGen Releases New Online Youth Mental Health Course for the Workplace for Alberta Youth2022-08-31T09:39:27-06:00

How to be a better communicator


Have you ever stopped to think about what kind of communicator you are? Or what qualities a good communicator has? Sometimes, we don’t think about how our messages are being perceived, or how to better get our point across, or even be involved in a productive conversation. But we are communicating with people on a [...]

How to be a better communicator2022-08-08T14:24:51-06:00

Young Worker Safety Month 2022


Exploring Communications: Young Worker Safety Month The third annual Young Worker Safety Month (#YWSM2022) will is back with more health and safety tips, and another prize package for one lucky Alberta youth. SafeGen, the Canadian Mental Health Association, Alberta Division (CMHA, Alberta Division) and HeadsUp Alberta (young worker safety awareness group), have again partnered to [...]

Young Worker Safety Month 20222022-08-02T12:54:40-06:00

June 2022 Newsletter


It's the end of the school year and we are here for it! This year has been long and tiring and we are ready for a sunny, fun-filled summer. Take a look at our June newsletter for updates about where the SafeGen team will be this summer, and what we have in store for next [...]

June 2022 Newsletter2022-06-16T10:44:58-06:00

Know Your Rights and Responsibilities


As a new employee, you may have a lot of questions about what your rights and responsibilities are at your job. Learning the basics of OH & S legislation can benefit you in many ways; this knowledge will help to keep you safe at work, and help keep your coworkers safe as well. These laws [...]

Know Your Rights and Responsibilities2022-06-09T13:23:53-06:00

Electrical Safety Part Two: Don’t Get Zapped!


In our first electrical safety blog, we focused on staying safe outside, and in this one we will fill in some gaps with information that will help you stay safe at work. Most jobs involve working with or around electricity. From mowing lawns to changing lightbulbs, to cleaning out a barn, you will likely run [...]

Electrical Safety Part Two: Don’t Get Zapped!2022-04-14T10:36:03-06:00

Animal Safety Basics


If you’re handling or working near animals, you’ll know that animals are often unpredictable, and that just like humans, they are all individual in their reaction, and have different reactions to stress. Understanding animal behaviour and animal handling systems are crucial to avoiding injury on the farm. Most livestock injuries occur when people fall off [...]

Animal Safety Basics2022-03-17T13:55:01-06:00

March 2022 Newsletter


Video contest updates, our newest partnership, and Click here to view the full newsletter.

March 2022 Newsletter2022-03-07T13:24:34-07:00

How to Beat the “January Blues”


It’s cold out, the days are short, and school is back in session. Typically, people tend to be a little down after the holiday season, and January can be a hard month for many people. Dark mornings and unrealistic resolutions can also contribute to a feeling of being down or anxious. The point is, it’s [...]

How to Beat the “January Blues”2022-01-11T12:44:38-07:00

Thank you to our 2021 Supporters!


Thank You for All of the Support As 2021 comes to a close, we would like to say a heartfelt thank-you to all of the individuals and organizations that have supported us this year. It is because of you that we can continue to deliver high quality workplace safety education to youth across Alberta. We [...]

Thank you to our 2021 Supporters!2021-12-14T14:06:18-07:00

SafeGen December 2021 Newsletter


Season's greetings from SafeGen! Take a look at our December newsletter, and get a sneak peek of what's in store for next year. Click here to read the full newsletter.

SafeGen December 2021 Newsletter2021-12-13T09:06:36-07:00

SafeGen November 2021 Newsletter


Please have a look at a snapshot of our November 2021 Newsletter. We have exciting things coming up - including our video contest, new partnerships, and more. To read the full newsletter, click here.

SafeGen November 2021 Newsletter2021-11-04T10:13:36-06:00

Our newest partner in safety education: Christian Labour Association of Canada


SafeGen is pleased to announce our partnership with The Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC). Our mission is educating and empowering youth so they can take responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others, in the workplace. Based on this principle, CLAC and SafeGen have some together to help guide and protect Alberta’s [...]

Our newest partner in safety education: Christian Labour Association of Canada2021-10-18T08:52:43-06:00

Six Tips for a Better Sleep (Infographic)


Do you: Nod off in class or at your desk? Feel unexplainably irritable or moody? Have trouble concentrating at school, home, or work? Keep getting sick for no reason? You might have problems with your sleep schedule. Getting the proper amount of sleep for your age is crucial to a happy, healthy life. It is recommended [...]

Six Tips for a Better Sleep (Infographic)2021-09-28T09:03:18-06:00

September 2021 Newsletter


  HCS 3010 has been updated, and meet our 2020 Scholarship winner! To view the full newsletter, click here.  

September 2021 Newsletter2021-09-17T11:02:44-06:00

Over scheduling: Why it’s harmful, and what you can do to avoid it.


If you’re like many people, your life is hectic and over scheduling is a constant worry. Teens are often extremely affected by this, as not only do they have their own schedules, but their family expectations as well. It’s a difficult habit to break, and can be detrimental to your psychological and physical wellbeing. How [...]

Over scheduling: Why it’s harmful, and what you can do to avoid it.2021-07-20T10:16:28-06:00

June 2021 Newsletter


  Educator in-services are back, mental health course updates, and more. To view the full newsletter, click here.  

June 2021 Newsletter2021-09-17T10:54:09-06:00

Why is workplace safety education important for young workers?


Educating young workers is our mission, and there’s a good reason why: these workers are still the most likely to get hurt at work. Youth aged 15-24 are entering the workforce with little to no safety education, and the most current statistics from the Government of Alberta(GOA) are showing that this is having a very [...]

Why is workplace safety education important for young workers?2021-06-16T11:52:42-06:00

Hazards in Retail (Infographic)


Working in retail can be a great summer job, or a great career choice. We want to make sure that you are properly prepared to excel in this environment, so let’s look at some of the hazards, and how to avoid them. Slips, trips and falls account for many injuries in the retail space, mostly [...]

Hazards in Retail (Infographic)2021-05-21T09:02:03-06:00

Psychological Hazards in the Workplace (Infographic)


Psychological hazards can be just as dangerous as physical hazards in the workplace, and should be mitigated with proper safety protocol and procedures. It is an employer's responsibility to reasonably ensure the health and safety of all workers at their worksite. "Psychological hazards are elements of the job or organizational practices that could pose a [...]

Psychological Hazards in the Workplace (Infographic)2021-05-04T10:57:56-06:00

April 2021 Newsletter


  Take a look at our winning contest videos, and find out more about our virtual presentation. To view the full newsletter, click here.

April 2021 Newsletter2021-04-26T14:11:00-06:00

Digging Safely, at Home and at Work


April is Dig Safe month so it’s time for a reminder about how to dig safely at home and at work. Spring in Alberta is an especially magical time, mainly because we never truly know what kind of weather we’ll step into day to day. So, when the sun’s out, we take those opportunities to [...]

Digging Safely, at Home and at Work2021-03-31T10:35:39-06:00

Join the SafeGen Board of Directors


SafeGen is currently seeking new Directors to be a part of something big... For the past 25+ years, SafeGen (formerly the Job Safety Skills Society) has been advocating for and delivering workplace safety education for youth in Alberta. We have an opportunity for a like-minded individual to fill a position on our Board of Directors. [...]

Join the SafeGen Board of Directors2021-03-16T13:32:25-06:00

Facts About MSIs (Infographic)


Musculoskeletal Injuries (MSIs) are the most common injuries for youth workers. They are often referred to as RSIs (Repetitive Strain Injuries), Repetitive Stress Disorders, and Cumulative Trauma Disorders. These injuries can be extremely painful, and although workers may not display symptoms of them right way, they can cause a lot of trouble in later life. [...]

Facts About MSIs (Infographic)2021-05-04T08:30:28-06:00

Top 10 Signs You are Stressed


Stress is a normal feeling – everybody feels it at some point in their lives (now, possibly more than ever). But when does stress start to become a problem? You may feel stress over one particular thing, but often stress is like a glass of water: drops keep dripping in until the last one makes [...]

Top 10 Signs You are Stressed2021-01-27T10:29:42-07:00

Workplace Safety…at Home.


Feeling stuck at home these days? If you’re like most Albertans, you are feeling a little cooped up, which leads to… home projects! Although we may be nearing the end of another lockdown, the urge to purge, rearrange, clean and organize might be prevalent in your home. You may not be able to go back [...]

Workplace Safety…at Home.2021-01-11T11:59:49-07:00

December 2020 News


We're closing out 2020 with some exciting things on the horizon! Read our December newsletter for details.   Read more...

December 2020 News2020-12-14T09:34:44-07:00

Tips: Working in Cold Weather


Working in cold temperatures is a not an option in Alberta. Many industries such as construction, service, and landscaping have to prepare their employees for the frigid temperatures in our province. From October to May, the chilly temperatures, snowfall, and windchill can be hazardous working conditions. Ensuring you have a solid cold weather plan in [...]

Tips: Working in Cold Weather2020-11-06T11:18:14-07:00

September 2020 News


Read all about our upcoming video contest, new AGR 3000 manual, and our online courses that are perfect for in-school or at home learning.

September 2020 News2020-12-14T09:36:19-07:00

New and Improved AGR 3000 Course


We are excited to announce the release of our new and improved AGR 3000: Agriculture Safety course! The course is available to educators and students across Alberta, now. The course is part of our successful JobSafe Program, which has educated over 115,000 students. It has been updated and contains the most current agriculture safety educational [...]

New and Improved AGR 3000 Course2020-09-21T12:29:02-06:00

Back-to-School Strategies for September


There’s no doubt that the upcoming school year will be even stranger than the last in Alberta. Many students are being welcomed back in class at schools across the province, and others will be For those learning in school, things will look very different. As the government has mandated, students will be wearing masks in [...]

Back-to-School Strategies for September2020-08-19T11:40:44-06:00

Alberta Non-Profits Work Together to Address Youth Mental Health


Support Young Worker Safety Month! We have teamed up with the Canadian Mental Health Association, Alberta Division (CMHA, Alberta Division) and HeadsUp Alberta (young worker safety awareness group) to launch Young Worker Safety Month throughout August.  The online campaign will educate and engage young Albertans about mental health during the pandemic, and beyond. The posts [...]

Alberta Non-Profits Work Together to Address Youth Mental Health2020-07-29T11:23:37-06:00

LMS Maintenance


The LMS servers are getting an upgrade! Please plan accordingly, we apologize for any inconvenience.

LMS Maintenance2020-07-23T09:32:32-06:00

Fit for Work FAQs


Asking yourself these important questions and answering honestly is very important as a worker. It is one of your responsibilities to determine if you are fit for work on a daily basis. Check in to keep yourself and others safe. Q: Am I well rested? Did I go to bed late last night? Am I [...]

Fit for Work FAQs2020-06-24T11:00:18-06:00

Spring 2020 Newsletter


Read the latest instalment of the SafeGen newsletter. In this edition, we talk about our GoFundMe campaign, the continuance of our courses, and more. And a special thank you goes out to teachers (at work AND at home) for a job well done this year! Read our newsletter now.

Spring 2020 Newsletter2020-06-18T11:49:26-06:00
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