April 2023 Newsletter


Lock in a paid internship with CAREERS today: get more info on how to step into the career you've been thinking about. Also, Careers in Energy tells us all about what it's like to work in one of the most lucrative industries in Alberta. Read the full newsletter here.  

April 2023 Newsletter2023-04-17T09:19:41-06:00

February 2023 Newsletter


Celebrate Agriculture Safety Week and Day in March, and a big thank you to our supporters. Read the full newsletter.  

February 2023 Newsletter2023-03-09T10:09:34-07:00

December 2022 Newsletter


Stay informed about SafeGen, and remember to stay warm working outside! Read the full newsletter here.    

December 2022 Newsletter2023-01-10T10:33:50-07:00

November 2022 Newsletter


Make every month healthy workplace month, and take a look at some of the most common hazards at a fast food restaurant. Read the full newsletter here.  

November 2022 Newsletter2022-11-09T09:26:59-07:00

August 2022 Newsletter


School is back in session - and we have a brand new course! Find out all about our new mental health course and what's on tap for SafeGen. Read the full newsletter here.  

August 2022 Newsletter2022-08-31T10:09:56-06:00

June 2022 Newsletter


It's the end of the school year and we are here for it! This year has been long and tiring and we are ready for a sunny, fun-filled summer. Take a look at our June newsletter for updates about where the SafeGen team will be this summer, and what we have in store for next [...]

June 2022 Newsletter2022-06-16T10:44:58-06:00

March 2022 Newsletter


Video contest updates, our newest partnership, and Click here to view the full newsletter.

March 2022 Newsletter2022-03-07T13:24:34-07:00

SafeGen December 2021 Newsletter


Season's greetings from SafeGen! Take a look at our December newsletter, and get a sneak peek of what's in store for next year. Click here to read the full newsletter.

SafeGen December 2021 Newsletter2021-12-13T09:06:36-07:00

SafeGen November 2021 Newsletter


Please have a look at a snapshot of our November 2021 Newsletter. We have exciting things coming up - including our video contest, new partnerships, and more. To read the full newsletter, click here.

SafeGen November 2021 Newsletter2021-11-04T10:13:36-06:00

September 2021 Newsletter


  HCS 3010 has been updated, and meet our 2020 Scholarship winner! To view the full newsletter, click here.  

September 2021 Newsletter2021-09-17T11:02:44-06:00

June 2021 Newsletter


  Educator in-services are back, mental health course updates, and more. To view the full newsletter, click here.  

June 2021 Newsletter2021-09-17T10:54:09-06:00

April 2021 Newsletter


  Take a look at our winning contest videos, and find out more about our virtual presentation. To view the full newsletter, click here.

April 2021 Newsletter2021-04-26T14:11:00-06:00

December 2020 News


We're closing out 2020 with some exciting things on the horizon! Read our December newsletter for details.  

December 2020 News2020-12-14T09:34:44-07:00

September 2020 News


Read all about our upcoming video contest, new AGR 3000 manual, and our online courses that are perfect for in-school or at home learning.

September 2020 News2020-12-14T09:36:19-07:00

Spring 2020 Newsletter


Read the latest instalment of the SafeGen newsletter. In this edition, we talk about our GoFundMe campaign, the continuance of our courses, and more. And a special thank you goes out to teachers (at work AND at home) for a job well done this year! Read our newsletter now.

Spring 2020 Newsletter2020-06-18T11:49:26-06:00

Happy Holidays from JSSS


The end of the year is here and we have a lot of exciting news! Our gift to you: the updated HCS 3010 Manual The newest version of the HCS 3010: Workplace Safety Practices Instructor Manual is hot off the presses! The manual has been revised to include new and updated content, activities, video links, [...]

Happy Holidays from JSSS2019-12-17T08:45:40-07:00

Fall 2019 JobSafe Newsletter


In this edition of JobSafe News: Oldest courses being decommissioned, info on staying stress free this school year, and the announcement of our 1st annual Youth Workplace Safety Video Contest! Read our full newsletter here.

Fall 2019 JobSafe Newsletter2019-09-17T09:16:14-06:00

Spring 2019 JobSafe Newsletter


LMS Updates, Survey Results and Easter Greetings! Don't miss out on this edition of the JobSafe Newsletter. It's chock full of important updates, survey results, and more. Read the full newsletter here. Click here to visit our newsletter archive.

Spring 2019 JobSafe Newsletter2019-04-18T08:50:08-06:00

JobSafe Newsletter – 2018 in Review


2018 was an exciting year for the JobSafe crew. We updated our courses and implemented a user-friendly learning management system. We are looking forward to big things ahead in 2019! Click here to catch up with JSSS. View previous editions of our monthly JobSafe Newsletter.

JobSafe Newsletter – 2018 in Review2019-02-21T16:20:53-07:00

May 2018 JobSafe Newsletter


Our May 2018 JobSafe Newsletter is now available. Peek inside to see what's coming up with the Job Safety Skills Society in the spring and summer months! Click here to view previous editions of our monthly JobSafe Newsletter.

May 2018 JobSafe Newsletter2018-05-24T19:30:29-06:00

April 2018 JobSafe Newsletter


Our April 2018 JobSafe Newsletter is now available. Peek inside to see what's in store with the Job Safety Skills Society this spring!

April 2018 JobSafe Newsletter2018-04-23T21:12:47-06:00

March 2018 JobSafe Newsletter


Our March 2018 JobSafe Newsletter is now available. This month, we celebrate Canadian Agriculture Safety Week, announce our call for volunteers for the 2018 JSSS casino, and more!

March 2018 JobSafe Newsletter2018-03-19T15:33:38-06:00

2018 February JobSafe Newsletter


The 2018 February JobSafe Newsletter is now available. View it here to learn what's new with us this month!

2018 February JobSafe Newsletter2018-03-05T20:19:09-07:00

2018 January JobSafe Newsletter


The 2018 January JobSafe Newsletter is now available. View it here to learn what's in store for the New Year!

2018 January JobSafe Newsletter2018-02-27T17:08:43-07:00

2017 December JobSafe Newsletter


The 2017 December JobSafe Newsletter is now available. View it here for some holiday cheer and updates on our new Learning Management System (LMS)!

2017 December JobSafe Newsletter2018-02-27T17:21:10-07:00
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