Safe teens save lives: SafeGen’s JobSafe™ courses for teens

Our JobSafe™ Program provides students the opportunity to acquire fundamental knowledge of workplace health and safety principles and practices, and to be assessed on their ability to apply safety knowledge in a variety of situations — including workplaces, at school and at home. The program can be administered both in-person by a qualified instructor or online via our Learning Management System (LMS). This program was developed exclusively by SafeGen (formerly Job Safety Skills Society.

Our courses are:

  • Updated to current WHMIS standards
  • Easy to administer (online or in-class)
  • Self-marking (online only)
  • Accredited (one credit each)

NEW COURSE: Mental Health in the Workplace

The purpose of our new course is for youth aged 15-24 to develop strategies for recognizing psychological risks and hazards, and to teach them to be advocates for positive mental health in the workplace, and at home. The course features the following modules:

  1. What is Mental Health?
  2. Stress
  3. Harassment and Bullying
  4. Anxiety in the Workplace
  5. Family Violence
  6. Strategies
  7. Support

The course is available online only, is free, and is not accredited at this time.


Learner Outcomes

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