This is Adam’s Story.

It takes two short minutes to watch this video. Your donation could help save another parent from going through a lifetime of pain.

Now think back to your first jobs and what could have been prevented if you had access to a free safety education. An injury? Harassment? Scars? Undue stress? Or could you have helped a coworker escape all of these things? Let’s do better for our kids than we did for ourselves.

Donate title

  1. keeping teens safeWe offer accredited safety courses to youth.
  2. Our courses are newly updated and available online.
  3. We help youth on the job get home injury-free.
  4. Educated and empowered youth will contribute more to the community and the province.
  5. You could help save your own teen’s life.
When you donate to SafeGen, you are contributing to the safety and wellbeing of youth entering the workforce, industries, employers and communities at large. Your contribution helps us sustain and enhance our programming. A donation to SafeGen is an investment into the Alberta workforce and community in general.
The JobSafe™ Community is founded on empowering youth, promoting safety consciousness in workplaces and caring for others by providing workplace safety courses for teens in Alberta. We operate solely on donations from the public and corporations.
We invite you to become a valued member of the JobSafe™ Community and stand up for safety! Your support will help teens get home safely from their jobs.

*Your donation receipt will read “Job Safety Skills Society of Alberta”, as this will remain our legal name.

“We believe that education is the key to prevention. The JSSS reaches youth before they enter the workforce which is critical to reducing workplace accidents and injuries. Our involvement with the Job Safety Skills Society supports our vision: Alberta working – a safe, healthy and strong Alberta.”

— Dieter Brunsch (retired), Vice President of Customer Service and Risk Management, WCB-Alberta