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For this year’s Healthy Workplace Month, the very appropriate theme is “Great employers create thriving workplaces”. Firstly, how is a “healthy workplace” defined? A healthy workplace is one where employees feel safe, are safe, and are encouraged to be safe. There is an absence of harmful conditions, and conditions that promote health and safety, at work and at home.

If you think of your first job, ask yourself, what was it that made it a healthy or unhealthy environment to work? More importantly, are you currently in an environment that is thriving?

According to healthyworkplacemonth.ca, there are four determining factors whether or a workplace is a healthy place to work:

  1. Does your employer support healthy lifestyle practices?
  2. Is your physical environment safe; does it follow OH&S legislation?
  3. Does your employer give back to the community?
  4. Does the organizational culture support mental health?

For more tools on how your organization can transition to a healthier culture, download the Healthy Workplace Standards Guide and be sure to take the Healthy Workplace Challenge!

Join us this month in celebrating  “thriving workplaces” and applauding those employers that embrace this concept.

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