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January 24, 2021 is the International Day of Education. Created by the United Nations, this day signifies the adoption of Article 26 in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to make primary education available to all. In 1989, the Convention on the Rights of the Child declared that countries must make higher education accessible to everyone as well.

Whether on a large scale or exclusively in our community, we stand by this declaration. We believe that workplace safety education, as a part of a well-rounded high school education, is the starting point to a long and healthy experience on the job. We believe that this education should be mandatory and hope that all Alberta youth will some day reap the benefits of this necessary knowledge.

This year’s theme is ‘Recover and Revitalize Education for the COVID-19 Generation’. How can we reinforce our learning tactics while engaging students during a pandemic? These reinvented or new methods can be carried over to enmesh different styles of learning.

Help us promote lifelong learning, starting with workplace safety education!


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