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Safety and Health week is a time to celebrate workplace safety education and training, and renew your commitment to safety!

What is one thing you could do as community member, employee or employer, to prevent injury and illness in the workplace and at home? Here are a few ideas:

Sunday: Make sure your garage is clean and has no tripping hazards.

Monday: Revisit your school or workplace safety procedures to see if there’s anything you’ve forgotten, or if anything is out of date.

Tuesday: Wash all of your COVID masks and/or order new disposables. Make sure you’re not going to run out any time soon.

Wednesday: Have another talk with your friends, teens or co-workers about the dangers of looking at your phone while driving.

Thursday: Test all of your smoke detectors at work and at home. Make sure your fire extinguishers are not expired (they usually last 5-15 years). Try to have a fire drill at home and at work!

Friday: Make a list of hazards that need attending to in your home (loose wires, tripping hazards, cracks in the step, mould, etc.).  And as always, keep your eyes open at work for hazards!

Saturday: Think about what you can do every day to prevent injury and illness, and make a list of things you can do every day to keep yourself and others healthy and safe.


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