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How to Use the JobSafe Online Training Program

To go back to the “Course Units” menu, click on the course title in the top left corner (e.g.“AGR3000”).
To go to the “Courses Available” menu, click on the JSSS icon in the top right corner.
The audio narration can be turned on or off on the introduction screen for each course.
At the end of each unit, complete the quiz to self-test your knowledge of the material.
After completing all the “Course Units”, complete the final exam.

A minimum of 50% on the final exam will earn you a high school credit for each course.

To earn a JobSafe certificate, a minimum of 70% is required on the course final exam.

HCS 3000: Prerequisite course for the first off-campus learning experience.

HCS 3010: Recommended Prerequisite course for students enrolling in the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP).

AGR 3000: Prerequisite course for students enrolling in the Green Certificate Program.