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SafeGen (formerly Job Safety Skills Society) is fully funded by grants, private donations, and sponsorships.  Our sincere thanks to all of the organizations that support us.

Stand Up for Safety

Is your organization passionate about safety? Is the safety of young workers important to you? Do you want your new workers to have a head start on training and workplace safety? Our courses give youth the tools they need to start their new jobs with confidence and a solid safety education. SafeGen strives to partner with organizations and companies that are safety leaders and passionate about building a stronger, safer community.
For more information about our mission and how you can get involved, please complete the following information and we will be pleased to give you a call.

    “JobSafe is an effective program that makes young students aware of safety issues long before they enter the force. With built-in safety antennae at the graduating level, students bring safety awareness and attitude into the workplace which benefits everyone.”

    — Dick Wilson (retired), Director, Public Affairs, EnCana Corporation