Education Week Alberta 2020


Education Week really takes on a special meaning this year, with educators having to teach from a distance, parents homeschooling their children, and students taking on more responsibility in their own education than ever. Learning is truly a journey, and if there's anything that we have learned in Alberta this year, journeys can take unexpected [...]

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World Teachers’ Day 2019


Where would we be without teachers? They make a vital contribution not only to education, but to society. Today, celebrate the contributions of educators throughout Alberta, and the world! Spread the love: #bestWTDever        

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International Youth Day 2019


Theme: Transforming Education This year's International youth Day focusses on highlighting efforts to make education accessible and relevant to youth, to ensure inclusivity, quality of education, and life-long learning. These efforts, taken on by educators, community members, government, and youth alike, are integral in achieving sustainable development. Click here to learn more about International Youth [...]

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World Youth Skills Day


July 15 is World Youth Skills Day! Youths with skills have a better chance of succeeding from a young age. Pursuing your interests can help you: get a job build confidence empower your community make a positive difference in your local economy Find out more about World Youth Skills Day, and how you can get [...]

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Health and Safety Week (NAOSH WEEK)


Spread safety awareness throughout your workplace, and beyond. We can all work towards preventing illness and injury in the workplace, and Health and Safety Week is the perfect time to educate ourselves and those around us about safety in the home and on the job. 

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JobSafe Newsletter – 2018 in Review


2018 was an exciting year for the JobSafe crew. We updated our courses and implemented a user-friendly learning management system. We are looking forward to big things ahead in 2019! Click here to catch up with JSSS. View previous editions of our monthly JobSafe Newsletter.

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