World Health Day 2023


This year, the WHO is celebrating 75 years of advocacy and action for public health. At SafeGen, we develop courses that educate youth about their own health and safety in a workplace setting. We would like to join in the celebration, and take a look back at our successes as well. In 2022, over 9500 [...]

World Health Day 20232023-03-28T11:20:32-06:00

World Health Day 2021


This year's theme is "Building a fairer, healthier world". Not everyone has access to health and education services, and we want to help highlight this, and ensure that at least our young workers in Alberta, and all youth have the same access to workplace safety education to keep themselves healthy and safe. Let's band together [...]

World Health Day 20212021-03-25T11:35:46-06:00
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