Know Your Rights and Responsibilities


As a new employee, you may have a lot of questions about what your rights and responsibilities are at your job. Learning the basics of OH & S legislation can benefit you in many ways; this knowledge will help to keep you safe at work, and help keep your coworkers safe as well. These laws [...]

Know Your Rights and Responsibilities2022-06-09T13:23:53-06:00

Fall Prevention Month 2021


Slips, trips and falls are a major hazard in the workplace. Falls are one of the top three causes of injury in youth on the job. November is fall prevention month, and we want to remind all of you to identify common hazards at work, so you can avoid an incident or injury. Clean up [...]

Fall Prevention Month 20212021-10-25T10:31:58-06:00

National Injury Prevention Day 2021


July 5th is National Injury Prevention Day. Join us in promoting awarenesses about injury prevention, and why it's so important to be diligent in injury prevention. At SafeGen, we work to educate youth about workplace injury prevention, and the effects that even a seemingly small accident can have on your life. We encourage everyone to [...]

National Injury Prevention Day 20212021-06-17T10:41:56-06:00

Hazards in Retail (Infographic)


Working in retail can be a great summer job, or a great career choice. We want to make sure that you are properly prepared to excel in this environment, so let’s look at some of the hazards, and how to avoid them. Slips, trips and falls account for many injuries in the retail space, mostly [...]

Hazards in Retail (Infographic)2021-05-21T09:02:03-06:00

Safety and Health Week 2021


Safety and Health week is a time to celebrate workplace safety education and training, and renew your commitment to safety! What is one thing you could do as community member, employee or employer, to prevent injury and illness in the workplace and at home? Here are a few ideas: Sunday: Make sure your garage is [...]

Safety and Health Week 20212021-04-19T10:27:43-06:00

Digging Safely, at Home and at Work


April is Dig Safe month so it’s time for a reminder about how to dig safely at home and at work. Spring in Alberta is an especially magical time, mainly because we never truly know what kind of weather we’ll step into day to day. So, when the sun’s out, we take those opportunities to [...]

Digging Safely, at Home and at Work2021-03-31T10:35:39-06:00

Canadian Agricultural Safety Week 2021


  Each year in Canada, more than 100 adults and children are killed in agricultural settings. Safety education and awareness is crucial on farms, and this week is a chance to learn more about keeping yourself and others safe in these situations. The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association offers free safety and health resources specific to [...]

Canadian Agricultural Safety Week 20212021-03-15T11:19:35-06:00

Facts About MSIs (Infographic)


Musculoskeletal Injuries (MSIs) are the most common injuries for youth workers. They are often referred to as RSIs (Repetitive Strain Injuries), Repetitive Stress Disorders, and Cumulative Trauma Disorders. These injuries can be extremely painful, and although workers may not display symptoms of them right way, they can cause a lot of trouble in later life. [...]

Facts About MSIs (Infographic)2021-05-04T08:30:28-06:00

Water Safety Week 2020


Water safety isn't just about pools - it also encompasses bathtubs, lakes, ponds, and beaches. Over 500 Canadians die each year as a result of water-related accidents. The most commonly affected age group is children aged 1-4 years, involving backyard pools. Adequate supervisions is always required when you have a backyard or above-ground pool. The [...]

Water Safety Week 20202020-05-20T12:48:41-06:00

Safety & Health Week: At-home Activities


To mark Safety & Health Week this year, we will have to consider that people are isolated and can’t participate in group projects. So why not shake it up a bit and do something that’s a little out of the box, but still shows your commitment to safety, and keeps you and your family safe [...]

Safety & Health Week: At-home Activities2020-05-04T09:11:48-06:00

Farm Hazards (Infographic)


Every farm has hazards... do you know what they are? Every year workers in the agriculture industry are needlessly injured. Learn about some typical farm hazards (below) and how to avoid them.    

Farm Hazards (Infographic)2020-04-24T12:44:03-06:00

Dig Safe Month 2020


April is Dig Safe month - make sure you dig with C.A.R.E. Call or Click Before You Dig Allow required time for Marking (2–3 business days, possibly more at the current time) Respect the marks (Lines are marked by flags, paint or other markers) Excavate carefully (Hand dig to determine the exact location of underground utilities) [...]

Dig Safe Month 20202020-04-14T09:28:13-06:00

“Put your jacket on!”, Don’t break your neck!”, and Other Winter Safety Tips for Teens


If you’re a teenager living in Alberta, chances are you have been recruited by your guardians to do some extra outdoor winter chores. Once the weather turns you might actually miss mowing the lawn. Living in a harsh climate means that we need to prepare ourselves for cold, ice and snow – not only living [...]

“Put your jacket on!”, Don’t break your neck!”, and Other Winter Safety Tips for Teens2019-12-05T11:45:43-07:00

Job Hazards: Restaurant (Infographic)


Take a look at some common job hazards in a restaurant. Whether you're in a cooking, cleaning, or service role, all of these hazards may apply. Know how to avoid them, and stay safe!     For more information on job hazards, visit our job safety resources page.

Job Hazards: Restaurant (Infographic)2019-10-23T12:04:24-06:00

Why it’s dangerous to be overtired at work


We all know the feeling: you got caught up in your favourite show… you texted until 2 am with your BFF. Life happens, and sleep gets lost in the shuffle. Unfortunately, when sleep gets missed, the job site can become a danger zone. What happens to our bodies when we don’t get the rest we [...]

Why it’s dangerous to be overtired at work2019-03-14T09:18:13-06:00
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