Education Week Alberta 2022


Celebrate Education Week by reaching out to your community educators and volunteers to tell them how much you appreciate their hard work! Education plays an amazingly important role in all of our lives, and in our communities. At SafeGen, we support accessible education wholeheartedly and encourage everyone to support their schools, and the teachers that [...]

Education Week Alberta 20222022-04-27T11:15:33-06:00

World Teachers Day 2021


Today we celebrate all teachers, and the dedication they have shown to students, especially through the last two years! Teachers are indeed at the heart of education recovery (UNESCO), and they need our support now more than ever. Today we say thank you to teachers for their extraordinary efforts every day. How do we get [...]

World Teachers Day 20212021-09-21T11:38:15-06:00

Top 10 Signs You are Stressed


Stress is a normal feeling – everybody feels it at some point in their lives (now, possibly more than ever). But when does stress start to become a problem? You may feel stress over one particular thing, but often stress is like a glass of water: drops keep dripping in until the last one makes [...]

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International Day of Education


January 24, 2021 is the International Day of Education. Created by the United Nations, this day signifies the adoption of Article 26 in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to make primary education available to all. In 1989, the Convention on the Rights of the Child declared that countries must make higher education accessible to [...]

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World Teachers’ Day 2020


“Teachers: Leading in crisis, reimagining the future” Educators have always been special people - the responsibility of teaching our future generations and imparting knowledge is a heavy one. 2020 has been a year like no other for most of us, and educators have had to adapt their strategies and perception of education to continue to [...]

World Teachers’ Day 20202020-09-22T13:43:04-06:00

Virtual Safety Day 2020


Join us as we celebrate a virtual safety day! The annual Community Safety Day usually takes place in Rocky Mountain House, but this year they organizers are bringing you all the safety knowledge and info virtually. The event will feature dozens of organizations (including SafeGen) and educational components, as well as videos and prizes! Safety [...]

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Education Week Alberta 2020


Education Week really takes on a special meaning this year, with educators having to teach from a distance, parents homeschooling their children, and students taking on more responsibility in their own education than ever. Learning is truly a journey, and if there's anything that we have learned in Alberta this year, journeys can take unexpected [...]

Education Week Alberta 20202020-04-27T10:16:31-06:00

Happy Holidays from JSSS


The end of the year is here and we have a lot of exciting news! Our gift to you: the updated HCS 3010 Manual The newest version of the HCS 3010: Workplace Safety Practices Instructor Manual is hot off the presses! The manual has been revised to include new and updated content, activities, video links, [...]

Happy Holidays from JSSS2019-12-17T08:45:40-07:00

World Teachers’ Day 2019


Where would we be without teachers? They make a vital contribution not only to education, but to society. Today, celebrate the contributions of educators throughout Alberta, and the world! Spread the love: #bestWTDever        

World Teachers’ Day 20192019-08-21T12:38:52-06:00

Fall 2019 JobSafe Newsletter


In this edition of JobSafe News: Oldest courses being decommissioned, info on staying stress free this school year, and the announcement of our 1st annual Youth Workplace Safety Video Contest! Read our full newsletter here.

Fall 2019 JobSafe Newsletter2019-09-17T09:16:14-06:00
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